Treasure is a Hostile Mob and Treasure to MOOSTAFA in


  • Does not move, will be affected by knockback
  • Is immune to Pit Traps
  • Treasure deals no damage.
  • It is only tagged as hostile in the code so Turrets can shoot it
  • It deals 100 Damage to Spikes on contact
  • Respawns 2 Minutes after you defeat it, in the Boss Arena in the Desert.


  • Daggers are the best weapons to farm the Treasure.
  • It may be best to ignore Treasure, seeing as it's reward is only 5,000 gold or that of 5 Bulls, but its health is more than 11x more than that of 5 Bulls.
  • If you can get the treasure to a Cacti, then surround the Treasure with a Wall (use the Cacti as a wall also for this), then it will lose health as if you used the pit trap, spike combo and since Cacti can't break, it will do the job quickly.
  • You can also use Boost Pads to boost the Treasure into Cacti.


  • The Treasure was added in version 1.1.
  • In 1.5, it's reward was cut in fourths, from 20,000 to 5,000
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