"you become a walking turret"

Turret Gear is a Hat in


  • It’s a rotating turret on your head.
  • The Turret Gear shoots Cannonballs at nearby enemies, just like a Turret but the animated top sprite does not need to face the target, and it instead just spins arround.
  • It does 25 damage per shot.
  • It fires every 2.5 seconds
  • It has a target range of 700
  • You move at 50% of your normal speed while wearing
  • Costs 10000 Gold


  • Try to hit an opponent with a high knockback weapon, like the Bat or the Polearm so the hat could deal some ranged damage.
  • Combine with Monkey Tail and a ranged weapon to easily kite the enemy.
  • You can also use it to kill AFK players in their bases, as it shoots through walls (unless they use mills as part of the wall)
  • The Turret Gear is the first hat to have an AI in the game.


  • This hat is one of 3 animated hats, the others are Spike Gear and Windmill Hat.
  • In the changelog, it is referred to as the "Turret Hat".
  • Sidney first announced the Turret Gear when he announced version 1.0, but it was added in version 1.1.
  • The Turret Gear shoots 0.2 seconds slower than regular Turrets.


The Turret Gear was added in version 1.1, though the turret base was technically added in version 1.0. The base changed shape in between version 1.0 and 1.1. in 1.2, it's movement speed was cut by 40%. 1.3 cut it's speed by an additional 10%