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  • I live in The Plains Biome
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is Proffesional Moo-er
  • I am This is so sexist. Change it to "I Identify."
  • Cofefe

    Attack of the Drones

    January 3, 2018 by Cofefe

    So I was just playing, and I encountered a bizzare phenomena: an army of auto-healing drones.
    The Clan was named Script, and it was full of lynch bots name "drone." They were armed with tool hammers and auto-healing abilities. They swarmed my base, (about 25 in each wave) but ran into spikes as they tried to get in, either killing themselves or earning a hacker hat. They died easily, (my friend had 87 kills by the time they left) but they kept respawning and coming back. Eventually my team (MAGA) merged with the only other team left (MASTER), and we formed a super team and fought the bots until their leader (Drone Lord) left. It was so awesome, but yet, so disturbing that someone could hack like that. Anyone else ever encountered …

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  • Cofefe


    November 16, 2017 by Cofefe

    Earlier the Golden Patrik made a blog post about wiki organization. One of the issues was templates, and he was spot on. The wiki does not have a uniform system of documentation. If you take two different pages in the same category, you will see that they do not share the same design. I want to help fix this, but no-one can really work on this issue unless we all agree on one uniform template system. So here are my ideas, but I really want other members to come up with their own ideas too so we can all be involved and come up with a system that satisfies everyone.

    For tools, weapons, items, hats and accessories, I suggest we use the below outline.

    A basic summary of the object. Describes the intended purpose of the object. Takes the place of…

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