So I was just playing, and I encountered a bizzare phenomena: an army of auto-healing drones.
The Clan was named Script, and it was full of lynch bots name "drone." They were armed with tool hammers and auto-healing abilities. They swarmed my base, (about 25 in each wave) but ran into spikes as they tried to get in, either killing themselves or earning a hacker hat. They died easily, (my friend had 87 kills by the time they left) but they kept respawning and coming back. Eventually my team (MAGA) merged with the only other team left (MASTER), and we formed a super team and fought the bots until their leader (Drone Lord) left. It was so awesome, but yet, so disturbing that someone could hack like that. Anyone else ever encountered that before?

UPDATE: Drones encountered again on another server, but I forgot the number. This time the team was called "Chips," I can't remember the names of each drones, because I wasn't playing, (I was watching a friend) but I think it was Chips too. Their were non-bots in the Clan too. Their leader had a short sword, and one of them had a Polearm, but most just had Tool Hammers and Auto-Healing Apples. All of them had a permanent chat box above their head saying some nonsense that looked kind of like this: "Chipsbot.Blablabla.2256." Next time I encounter a swarm, I'm taking a Screen Shot.

Also, I have an idea as to how they do it. As we know, their are 'bot' programs players run on, but these bots are autonomous, and do not behave as a hive. Due to the fact that all bots do the exact same thing at the exact same time, I believe they were all controlled directly by one (or maybe two) individuals. The leader created a program using TamperMonkey that fed key inputs from one PC into multiple tabs on his web browser, allowing for control of multiple drones using one keyboard. But I just made that up, I didn't do any research at all. :P

​UPDATE UPDATE:​ I encountered the drones myself the next day on server: The team name was "RAIDME," and each bot had its own uniqe name. They also were constantly displaying the chat message: "Spam.ChipsBot.ME.(String of numbers)" I didn't get a screenshot of them all together, but I got a screenshot of the sweet base I had in that game:

The Clones never got in...