LET'S MERGE!!!! Unfortunately, however, I will be gone from now through Sunday, so I'll miss the first part.

Let's Merge

It's time to merge. At long last, we will begin the real part of the Merge! This process will require lots of work and attention to detail, so please carefully read the next few sections, which detail how to merge articles.

How to Merge

Follow these steps to merge a page from TheMooMoo.

  1. Go to TheMooMoo.
  2. Go to Category:A there.
  3. Pick a page to merge, just make sure it isn't italicized; those are redirects and may or may not be merged.
  4. Go to that page's counterpart on this wiki.
  5. Merge any content that is lacking here and is beneficial.
  6. Use this opportunity to do any further cleanup and additions.
  7. Publish your edit on Moom and make sure to say something about the Merge in the edit summary.
  8. Finally, remove Category:A from the page on TheMooMoo and replace it with Category:B.

Now, those instructions detail how to merge a page. But what if the page is totally lacking on this wiki? Create it!


Go forth and Merge! Those who help a lot will receive Medals when all is said and done. And of course, all help is appreciated!

A Russian Wiki

Thanks to JestX WIKI, there is now a Russian wiki with content. This means that some of our pages now have Russian translations, improving our viewage and SEO.

Desert theme

A Desert Theme Gadget is in the works, although its release date is unknown. It will be a counterpart of the existing Winter Theme.

Template restyling

ThePokegeek5000 has worked hard and well on restyling many of our Notice Templates, while Patrik is currently working on restyling {{DetailStart}}, which will redesign our Wiki Update tabbers!

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