The Windmill Hat is a Hat in


  • The Windmill Hat produces 1.5 Gold per second, producing 15 Gold in 10 seconds. Instead of producing 1.5 Gold each second, however, every other second it generates 1 Gold, and the rest of the time, it generates 2 Gold, evaluating to an average of 1.5 Gold per second
  • The Windmill Hat costs 10,000 Gold.



  • Due to the Windmill Hat's relatively low Gold yield, it is recommended that the player avoid this hat, as it leaves him vulnerable to attack with little gain for the risk.
    • It takes 111.111... minutes, almost two hours, for the Windmill Hat to pay for itself, and this is only if the Player wears it for the full 111.111... minutes. This is not a very good trade.
  • If the player is in a safe space, he may use this hat, though the Miners Helmet is a more productive, less expensive, alternative for players who are also gathering Resources.


  • Use the Mc Grabby to steal the Gold.
  • Take advantage of the fact that this hat has no real combat advantage and equip a hat that does.
  • If you plan to kill the person, use Thief Gear.


  • The Windmill Hat actually consists of two sprites, one for the base, one for the spinning component.
  • Though the Windmill Hat is the same shape as the Windmill, it has a slightly different color scheme.
  • The Windmill Hat produces at the same rate as the Faster Windmill.
  • The Windmill Hat is one of four hats to have a corresponding structure. The other three are Booster Hat, Turret Gear and Spike Gear.


Version Notes
0.86 Added Windmill Hat