"allows you to move at normal speed in snow"

The Winter Cap is a Hat in


  • The Winter Cap costs 600 Gold.
  • Players wearing the Winter Cap will be immune to the speed reducing effects of the Snow Biome.



  • All Players should have a Winter Cap so that they can move throughout the Snow Biome with the same speed as in the other biomes.
  • Players trying to live in the Snow Biome will need the Winter Cap in order to survive effectively.
    • Players with the Winter Cap will have an advantage over players who don't when battling in the Snow Biome.


  • Use Boost Pads to catch up with people using the Winter Cap.
  • Lure you opponent out of the Snow Biome to make their hat useless.
  • Use Daggers, as they are the fastest weapon.


  • Players with the Winter Cap will move faster than Players with the same Weapon who are wearing the Booster Hat in the Snow Biome.


The Winter Cap is thought to be added in version 0.25. In version 0.33, Sidney stated in the change log that he had edited the "blue hat". What he meant is unknown. Fans theorize that the blue hat was, in fact, the Winter Cap, but what exactly he edited is unknown. In any case, when the Winter Hat was released it had no effect and had a different sprite. Its cost was also greater than its modern cost, but its exact value is unknown. In 0.37, Sidney added the Snow Biome, and gave the Winter Cap its modern stat. 0.38 reduced its cost yet again. Its sprite was modernized in version 0.76.