"provides protection for your village"

The Wood Wall is the first Wall obtained in


  • The wood wall has 380 health points.
  • The wood wall costs 10 Wood
  • You can place a maximum of 30 wood walls.
  • The wood wall is obtained at Age 1 at the moment the player joins the game.
  • Wood Wall is the weakest wall in
  • It’s also the cheapest wall in the game.



  • Use wood walls to build a weak base.
  • Use wood walls to protect your Windmills.
  • Use wood walls to kill Bulls and other hostile Mobs by trapping them with a Pit Trap, placing wood walls behind them, and then Spiking them.
  • You can quickly place these in the open for cover when you're being fired at
  • Remember to place them close together when building a base, as it is possible to squeeze through a space logically too tiny for a player to fit through, rendering the walls useless.


  • These provide a slight obstacle, so try going around them. As an alternative if you use a Ranged Weapon, you can use a Platform to shoot over these.
    • However, these are weak and can be destroyed easily. Focus more on the inhabitants of the base than the walls.


  • The Wood Wall is one of the first items in the game.
  • The Wood Wall is one of the 5 items you spawn with at Age 1, along with the Tool HammerAppleSpikes, and Windmill.
  • The Wood Wall has always been in the game, though technically it was removed in 0.892 as it caused a glitch where all players start out with Stone Walls instead of Wood Walls. This only lasted for a few hours, though, as Sidney quickly fixed this glitch in version 0.893.
  • This is one of the only items that people still use at high ages.
  • The Wood Wall can be upgraded to the Stone Wall at Age 3 and then to the Castle Wall at Age 7.
  • The Wood Wall is the only Structure that can be destroyed by Arrows.


  • 1.5 - Health buffed from 350 to 380
  • 0.893 - Fixed a glitch brought by 0.892 that caused the wood wall to appear as a stone wall
  • 0.891 - Reduced cost to 10 wood and increased limit to 30 walls
  • 0.88 - Increased wall limit to 25
  • 0.68 - Wood Walls are now destroyable by projectiles, this was changed soon after
  • 0.50 - Wall collisions were reworked to be more precise
  • 0.19 - Cost reduced to 15 wood
  • 0.16 - Buffed health
  • 0.1 - Added Wood Wall (Initial Release)